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Firestone Passenger & 4X4 Tyre Damage Guarantee


All Firestone passenger, 4×4, and SUV tyres 14inch and above (excluding CV2020) are protected by the Firestone Free Tyre Damage Guarantee. This ensures that qualifying tyres with irreparable damage caused by road hazards such as broken glass, rocks, potholes, nails etc. will be replaced – and you only pay for the tread you’ve used.

Tyre Maintenance Tip:
Proper care is necessary to obtain maximum use from a tyre and to ensure your safety on the road. Making it a habit to check your tyres could save you money and even your life.

How the Tyre Damage Guarantee Works:

When your registered tyre is damaged and you bring it in to your Supa Quick dealer, We evaluate your tyre to establish the remaining tread life (usable tread) by taking several measurements from your damaged tyre. The average remaining depth of the tread is then divided into the tyre’s original tread depth when the tyre was new. The calculation provides a ratio which is used to determine the credit amount.


  • A Firestone branded 15 inch passenger tyre costs R1000 and has an original tread depth of 8mm.
  • When the damaged tyre is submitted for a claim, the remaining tread depth is measured at 6mm.

Remaining tread depth ÷ original tread depth = Usable tread %
= Usable tread % x tyre purchase price
= Credit amount

= 6mm ÷ 8mm = 75%
=75% x R1000
= R750

Therefore, you will receive a credit of R750 towards the purchase of your new tyre; and you only pay R250.

Key to note:

  1. The fitment and balancing cost are not included and therefore payable by you.
  2. Tyres with a tread depth 1mm or less are not legible for a claim