Terms and Conditions


User Obligation

The guarantee is void if the tyre/-s have not been properly maintained. Proper care is necessary to obtain maximum use from a tyre and to ensure driver safety on the road. Making it a habit to check your tyre/-s could save you money and even your life.

Customers should do the following:

  1. Check your tyre/-s for wear and tear like cracks and bubbles
  2. Check your tyre/-s for uneven wear that results from incorrect alignment
  3. Check your tyre pressure to ensure that your tyre/-s are inflated to the correct pressure
  4. Check to see that your tyre/-s and wheel assemblies are in balance


  • Tyre/-s damaged due to incorrect usage and damage caused by vehicle mechanical  defects, and flat spots caused by hard
  • Firestone CV 2020 tyre/-s
  • Tyre/-s damaged during an accident/collision
  • Tyre/-s that have not been adequately maintained
  • Tyre/-s that have been transferred to another vehicle.
  • Tyre/-s that are not correctly registered on the TDG portal
  • No registration appears on the system
  • Tyre/-s with a tread depth that is level with the tread wear indicator.
  • Tyre/-s that exceed the 1 year period after the purchase date on the original invoice
  • Loose tyre/-s and tyre/-s in storage that are not linked to a registered vehicle

General Conditions

  • The participating fitment centers are Bridgestone Commercial, Bridgestone Mining Solutions, Supa Quick, Speedy. Purchases made from other fitment center/networks will not qualify for the guarantee.
  • The territories covered by this tyre damage guarantee are South Africa, Namibia and Swaziland, tyre/-s purchased outside of these territories may not be registered
  • The credit amount cannot be exchanged for cash and can only be used towards a Firestone replacement tyre/-s.
  • This Tyre Damage Guarantee is only valid for a period of 1 (one) year. If damage occurs after this period, the tyre/-s will no longer be covered by the tyre damage guarantee
  • The credit amount will be calculated in the currency of the country in which the claim is taking place and it excludes VAT.
  • Firestone South Africa may change or abandon this guarantee from time to time
  • Registration should be done no later than 48hrs after the purchase
  • It is mandatory to attach a clear picture of the invoice. A registration will not be complete without an invoice
  • In the event that there is no stock available for the replacement tyre/-s as confirmed with a Bridgestone representative, a cash refund will be given that is equivalent to the adjustment value of the tyre/-s based on the tread used
  • The adjustment credit cannot be transferred to a store that is not part of the TDG fitment center network
  • The tyre damage guarantee covers irreparable damage, in the event where the tyre/-s has a repairable puncture, the tyre/-s should be repaired and a claim must not be processed
  • A claim cannot be processed if there is no invoice included on the registration
  • The vehicle registration number is required to complete a registration and tyre/-s should only be fitted on the vehicle linked to the registration.
  • 1 year cover remains applicable whether the tyres were in use or not.
  • The triple guarantee pay-out value is dependent on the size and value of the replacement tyre/-s. The tread depth will be measured, and based on our findings Bridgestone will issue a credit amount up to a maximum value of R3000.00.

Terms and Conditions