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Firestone 9 Year Warranty


This is not a tyre damage guarantee but a warranty that covers damage due to a manufacturing fault.

Firestone has extended its 5-year manufacturer’s warranty to 9 years on 19 agricultural radial tyres manufactured in the USA, the warranty applies provided that those tyres are purchased in South Africa, neighbouring countries (Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana and Zambia) or are OE fitted.

The amount to be compensated will be calculated from the degree of wear. In other words, the Remaining Tread Depth (RTD) measurement system will be applied.

How it works

Tyres submitted for claim are evaluated to establish the contribution that will be made towards replacement. The procedure is as follows:

  1. The tyre’s remaining usable tread is established using a tread depth gauge
  2. The remaining depth of the tread is then divided by the tyre’s original tread depth
  3. The result of this calculation gives us a ratio

Example 1
In this example of a Firestone Agri Tyre, the original tread depth is 8mm.
If there are 2mm of tread remaining on the submitted tyre, the tyre has 2/8 = 25% of its usable tread left. You will then receive a 25% credit on the price of a replacement tyre.

Example 2
In the event that 6mm of tread is calculated as still left on the tyre, the tyre has 6/8 = 75% of its tread left, resulting in a contribution of 75% of the price of a replacement tyre.

A new tyre will be supplied, with the charge to you being the value of the tread you’ve used, based on the detailed above.
Usable tread is the original tread depth less the amount of the tread that you have used. When the tread is worn down to 1mm, (and is no longer legally allowed on the road), this warranty ends regardless of the age of the tyre.