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Our Story

Memories aren’t measured in kilometres or miles, they’re made up of moments.

That’s why every product we’ve manufactured in our South African plant since 1936 has been designed to get you to your destination safely, with the added bonus of a mind filled with memories. We love the good times but we’re there for the bad as well. When you hit a bump on the road or a pothole surprises you, we are right there with our Free Tyre Damage Guarantee. It’s our way of making sure you’re always ready to get back on the road to make those memories.


Our tyres are designed with you in mind, because we aim to provide the perfect combination of exceptional quality and affordability.


They say life doesn’t come with any guarantees, but that’s not the case with us. Firestone can’t help you avoid a pothole on our roads but we can make it a little less painful when you do.

All Firestone passenger, 4×4, and SUV tyres 15 inch and above are protected by the FREE Firestone Tyre Damage Guarantee. If your tyres are affected by road damage such as cuts, bruises, impacts or have irreparable punctures cause by road conditions, potholes, rocks, curbs, or broken glass, we’ll replace it for you and you only have to pay for the tread you’ve used.