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Frequently Asked Questions

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9 Year Warranty

Can I still claim for the warranty if I don’t have the invoice anymore?

Yes, provided that the tyre was registered upon purchase as all the relevant information would have been saved on the 9-year warranty database and that’s where the information will be retrieved from when you claim.

9 Year Warranty

Will Bridgestone South Africa honour a claim on a tyre that has been repaired during its warranty period?

No, Bridgestone South Africa will not honour a claim if the tyre has previously been repaired during its warranty period.

9 Year Warranty

When taking the average tread depth and any part of the tyre tread is below 1mm, will an adjustment still be granted?

No. The dealer must measure the average tread depth for adjustment purposes, and if any part of the tyre is below 1mm, the tyre will be considered as worn out and no adjustment will be granted.

9 Year Warranty

Since the warranty covers tyres manufactured in the USA, can I still register my tyres if I purchased them in the USA?

No. The tyres can only be purchased in South Africa, neighbouring countries (Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, and Zambia) or be OE fitted in order to qualify for the warranty.

9 Year Warranty

When does the 9-year warranty take effect

The 9-year warranty takes effect post the purchase and upon registration of a qualifying tyre, and is valid for 9-years from registration date.