Know Your Tyre Guarantees

To ensure you get full value, it’s worth understanding what is covered.

September 2018

By Lungisa Xhelithole, Firestone Brand Manager Buying a reputable tyre brand like Firestone and manufactured by Bridgestone has many advantages. The tyres themselves are manufactured to the highest international standards, and their design is the product of considerable investment in research and development After all, for those memorable and fun road-trips your tyres’ condition should be as important as everything on your journey’s check-list. We know the road is long and full of uncertainty and good tyres should give you the freedom to drive.

Manufacturer’s Warranty and Tyre Damage Guarantee

Quality and performance are two factors in ensuring your peace of mind. Another is the warranty protection if the tyre malfunctions. If it’s a Firestone or Bridgestone Ecopia product, it is likely to offer two guarantees: a manufacturer’s warranty and a tyre damage guarantee.

Bridgestone’s manufacturer’s warranty lasts for five years and covers any defects relating to its manufacture. Examples of this might include the separation of the materials used, or uneven tyre wear.

The manufacturer’s warranty would not cover damage caused during normal use. For that, one has to look at a tyre-damage guarantee which one must register for when purchasing Firestone tyres for a passenger vehicle or SUV, or Bridgestone Ecopia tyres. This covers you when the tyre is damaged by a pothole for example, or a tyre is punctured.

How to Register for Tyre Damage Guarantee

The registration process takes place with a few simple steps:

  1. Fill in an electronic form either on the feedback ferret at Supa Quick stores or on the mobi-site. The invoice number, personal particulars, vehicle details, tyre details, and store details will be required for registration.
  2. Once the form is completed, it is submitted and uploaded onto the database in real-time.
  3. As soon as your details are uploaded, you will receive an electronic confirmation by SMS or email.

Only purchases made from Supa Quick (Bridgestone’s retail outlet) are eligible for Firestone’s Tyre Damage Guarantee. If you are using another fitment centre, you automatically forfeit the Firestone Tyre Damage Guarantee.

If you have purchased a new car with either Firestone or Bridgestone Ecopia tyres, register them online at to validate the guarantee.

What to Do When Your Tyre is Damaged

So what happens if your tyre suffers damage during normal driving?

  1. Get the vehicle to your nearest Supa Quick fitment centre.
  2. Supa Quick tyre experts will assess the damage.
    1. If it is repairable, they will do so at no cost;
    2. If it is irreparable, they will measure how much tread you have left on the tyre and you will only pay for the tread you used.

For example, a Firestone branded passenger tyre has an original tread depth of 8 mm. If there are 2 mm of tread remaining on the submitted tyre, the tyre has 2/8 which is an equivalent of 25% of its usable tread left. You will then receive a 25% credit on the price of a replacement tyre.

The Firestone Tyre Damage Guarantee has no conditions attached to it.

To get the most out of your Firestone tyre purchases, familiarise yourself with the guarantees and warranties on offer. We have built our name on the fact what we care about what we are giving to our customers, from products to service, we make sure we deliver the highest standard that is expected.