Firestone’s New Agricultural Tyre Warranty Goes the Whole Nine Yards

Bridgestone has announced the extension of its five-year manufacturer’s warranty to nine years on selected Firestone agricultural radial tyres.

Qualifying tyres must be purchased in South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana or original manufacturer fitted. Tyres purchased from the 14th of May 2018 fall within the new warranty. Any agricultural tyre purchased before this date will fall under the existing five-year warranty.

“With agriculture set to play an increasingly important role in economic growth, Firestone is doing its bit to offer real value to the farming community,” says Lungisa Xhelithole, Firestone brand manager at Bridgestone South Africa. “Even though agricultural tyres are used in extreme conditions, this extension of the typical five-year manufacturer’s warranty is testimony to the confidence we have in our rigorous design and manufacturing processes.”

Registration for Warranty & Claims

Ms Xhelithole emphasises that the warranty only covers manufacturing faults, and that the tyres must be registered on the Firestone website at Personal particulars, tyre information, and store details is required for registration.

Once registration is completed, the customer will receive confirmation via SMS or e-mail. Claims will be made at a Bridgestone authorised dealer, and the remaining tread depth measurement will be used to calculate the amount of compensation.

The Firestone site also provides detailed information plus a list of qualifying tyres at

“We are proud of being a trusted supplier to the agricultural sector and believe this innovation will strengthen our brand in this segment,” concludes Ms Xhelithole.