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Firestone Kombi Karaoke was ‘Lit’, say Young Music Lovers

Firestone Kombi Karaoke was ‘Lit’, say Young Music Lovers

The Cloof wine farm outside Darling, Western Cape came alive this past weekend and if there ever was any doubt that we are deep into spring, then the Firestone Kombi Karaoke festivities during the Rocking the Daisies music event were a quick reminder! The young, free spirited, vibrant and adventurous music lovers who attended the festival swarmed the restored 1972 VW Brasília Kombi and a modern 2017 VW. The two vehicles hosted a Firestone-sponsored karaoke session daily from Friday 5th October to Sunday, 7th October to give visitors a chance to sing their favourite tunes.

A Platform for Music Lovers of All Genres

Catering for diverse interests, each kombi played a different genre of music, from old classics played from the restored 1972 VW Brasília Kombi, to modern tunes played from the newer version VW Kombi of 2017. The vehicles were converted into mobile karaoke studios, complete with cueing TV-screens, microphones and speakers.

Participants selected their favourite music from a catalogue of 30,000 songs and had their own show going. The best way to describe the atmosphere is to say it was ‘lit’ – a common phrase among millennials used to describe something out of this world. True to form, the moments were captured and uploaded onto the Firestone social media channels. A link is shared with participants so that they can relive their karaoke moment with friends and family.

Lungisa Xhelithole, the Firestone brand manager says: “The atmosphere was truly electrifying and the vibrant energy that the young revellers brought to the festival was very evident in the way they passionately took to karaoke. We are deeply pleased that we are able to create a platform where music lovers can express themselves in a fun entertaining way.”

The karaoke was hosted daily from 12:00 midday to 20:00 in the evening over the three day festival. Volkswagen South Africa has been instrumental in making the vehicles available for the initiative which has become a hit with South Africans wherever it goes.

For more information on the Firestone Kombi Karaoke activation, visit our Firestone South Africa Youtube channel or see some of the karaoke action here