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Firestone Inspires Karaoke Fans at Oppikoppi

Firestone Inspires Karaoke Fans at Oppikoppi

From 9th to 11th August, music revellers at the Oppikoppi festival had the time of their lives. While some listened and danced to their favourite performing artist on the line up, others had their moment of fame singing to their favourite tunes at the Firestone Kombi Karaoke station.

The dusty August wind didn’t deter visitors who attended the festival in droves over the three day festival. A diverse line up of artists captivated the audience with their performances and inspired the audience to find a spot and sing along – with the karaoke station just within arm’s reach!

A Kombi Each for Old-School and New-School

The Firestone Kombi Karaoke was hosted in two VW Kombis. One, a restored 1972 VW Brasília Kombi where participants could select their favourite karaoke classics to sing along to, and two, a modern 2017 VW Kombi that offered more modern karaoke tunes. Both vehicles have been converted into mobile karaoke studios, complete with cueing TV screens, microphones, and speakers.

Lungisa Xhelithole, Firestone brand manager says: “it was exciting to see how music lovers took to the karaoke. It was evident that they were really in the spirit of music and appreciated a platform to also become ‘artists’ for the day whilst blasting their preferred music from a music catalogue of 30,000 songs to choose from, covering both English and Afrikaans.”

The total number of recorded karaoke songs at Oppikoppi was 380, which makes it one of the best attended #FirestoneKK events to date. The performances are uploaded onto the Firestone social media channels and a link is shared with the participant so that they can re-live their karaoke moment with friends and family.

The karaoke was hosted daily from 12:00 midday to 20:00 in the evening over the three day festival. Volkswagen South Africa has been instrumental in making the vehicles available for the initiative, which has become a hit with South Africans wherever it goes.

For more information on the Firestone Kombi Karaoke activation, visit our Firestone South Africa Youtube channel or see some of the karaoke in action at