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Premium Trailer & Semi-Trailer Tyre. Minimize expenses and provides superior blanced performance.

Sizes Ply Load Index Speed Rating Recommended Rim (Inch)
315/80R22.5    154/150 
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  • Longer service life by reducing irregular wear.
  • Excellent lateral stability.
  • Superior casing durability and retreadability.

Technical Features

  • 5 Ribs sophisticated tread design with special compound: Improves irregular wear resistance to achieve longer tyre life while optimizing side-force generated on trailer axies.
  • 4 Zig-zag tread grooves & sipes: Break up pocketed water for a firm grip on wet roads and contribute to irregular wear resistance and lateral stability.
  • Reinforced bead construction: Decreases stress and deformation on tyre for superior casing durability and retreadability.