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The Firestone FD833 Tyre gives you tremendous traction to ensure you grip the surface at all times. The tyre features a new compound which ensures high resistance to cuts and chips, and the Firestone FD833 tyres deep & wide tread blocks truly go the distance with the tyre tread also cleaning itself as you drive for consistent performance

  • Really grips the surface thanks to great traction
  • New compound ensures high resistance to cuts and chips
  • Deep & wide tread blocks truly go the distance
  • Cleans itself as you drive for consistent performance
Sizes Ply Load Index Speed Rating Recommended Rim (Inch)
315/80R22.5    156/150  9.00 
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Features and Benefits

Improved Handling

  • Impressive high-traction design
  • Ensures maximum grip to the surface
  • Perfect for mud and fresh and melting snow

Enhanced Wear Resistance

  • High resistance to cuts and chips

High Performance Tyre

  • Deep and wide tread blocks allowing self-cleaning as you drive
  • Lower tyre weight promotes better fuel consumption
  • Reduced tyre noise levels


The all-new Firestone ON/OFF truck tyres are manufactured with slim beads to reduce the total bead filler volume. As a result, the weight of the tyres is reduced which enables lower fuel consumption and higher payload. With integrated tie-bards between the tread blocks, the tyres have increased block stiffness and reduced heel and toe wear. Consequently, the tyres last longer with added tyre noise reduction.


The new Firestone ON/OFF tyres include M+S marking making these tyres more suited for use in mud and fresh or melting snow due to their better grip and braking capabilities. FD833 tyres are suited for use in severe winter conditions and, therefore, carry the Alpine marking* as defined in UN Regulation R117.02.