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Firestone Wilderness Jeep Service

The Firestone Wilderness Jeep Service (JS) Tyre

With all the heritage of “Them Stones” behind them, the Firestone Wilderness Jeep Service (JS) tyres deliver a confi dent off-road performance. The top quality, multipurpose tyre is engineered for the harsh South African conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Aggressive Tread Design
    The deep zig-zag tread design in conjunction with large blocks offer superior traction on rough off-road conditions.

  • Wider Shoulder Lugs
    Specifi cally designed lugs give the vehicle superior traction with self-cleaning characteristics in wet or muddy off-road conditions.

  • Firestone Tough
    The Wilderness JS tyres show exceptional penetration resistance in all off road conditions.
  • Wilderness Heritage
    The application of the Wilderness JS tyres are aimed at 4x4 vehicles that are mainly used in off-road and game viewing applications.

Typical Usage and Application

Firestone Wilderness JS Tyres are the ideal tyre choice for 4x4 vehicles used in relatively heavy off
road driving. This includes game viewing and other nature reserve vehicles.

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Firestone Wilderness Jeep Service
Sizes Ply Load Index Speed Rating Overall Width (mm) Recommended Rim (Inch)
7.50-16 TL  114/112  215  6.00 
7.50-16 TL  14  122/121  215  6.00