Maxi Traction Harvest

Firestone Maxi Traction Harvest

A high-performance tyre with an optimized design for driving comfort and maximum harvesting productivity.

When it’s time to harvest, it’s time to harvest! There are no two ways about it. The Firestone Maxi Traction Harvest will provide indisputable reliability and performance, to get the job done well, quickly, and with maximum protection for your soil.

Firestone Maxi Traction Harvest
Sizes Ply Load Index Speed Rating Recommended Rim (Inch)
620/75R30    168A8  168B TL  30 
650/75R32    172A8  172B TL  32 
800/65R32    178A8  178B TL  32 
900/60 R32    181A8  181B TL  32 
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  • Strong sidewall construction
  • Patented Dual Angle Lug design
  • Flat contoured crown tread design


  • High productivity and safe operation
  • Superior traction for higher working output and fuel saving
  • Reduced soil compaction