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Firestone Maxi Traction

The Firestone MAXI TRACTION is designed for high power tractors. Exclusively made in Europe, MAXI TRACTION shows superior traction in the field and excellent comfort on the road at high speed.

- A wide line-up answering the requirements of newly developed high horse power tractors

- Excellent traction and uniform tread wear due to optimised lug design and extra wide tread arc

- Reduced soil compaction due to larger footprint and round shoulders

- High load capacity of the 5 most used sizes to withstand severe service conditions with higher rated

   inflation pressure

- Allowed to be fiited on 50K tractors due to the same load capacity at 40km/h and 50km/h



Firestone Maxi Traction
Sizes Ply Load Index Speed Rating
540/65R24    140 
540/65R24    137 
600/65R28    154B  A8 
600/70R30    158B  A8 
620/70R42    166D  A8 
620/75R30    163   
800/65R32    181 
800/65R32    181 
900/60R32    181 
900/60R32    181