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The Firestone TZ-700 tyre represents the smart, dependable choice for everyday driving. With excellent overall balance and efficient tread design, the tyre offers optimal grip performance and reliability, making it ideal for commutes to  the office, shopping and any leisure drive.

  • (Firestone)All weather performance All weather performance

    The center rib of the tyre offers improved handling response to different road conditions.

  • (Firestone)Comfortable Ride Comfortable Ride

    Hardened coupled ribs reduce road noise and improves resistance to irregular wear.

  • (Firestone)Long Wear Life Long Wear Life

    Improved resistance to irregular wear by Uniform stiffness of tread blocks which improves resistance to irregular wear.

FIRESTONE TZ700 Free-tyre-damage-guarantee-firestone-banner
Sizes Ply Load Index Speed Rating Overall Diameter (mm)
225/45R17    91  634.3 
225/55R16    99  653.9 
225/60R16    98  676.4 
245/40R17    91  627.8 
245/40R18    93  653.2 
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  • Improved handling response through centre rib
  • Resistance to irregular wear through sipe in centre rib
  • Reduced road noise and resistance to irregular wear
  • Improved resistance to irregular wear and reduced road noise by stiffness of coupled rib
  • Improved resistance to irregular wear by uniform stiffness of tread blocks