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Firestone Rancher

All types of farming application. Front wheel for MFWD tractors in vineyard application.


  • Deep lug
  • Robust reinforced lug
  • Lugs angled at 45
  • Long curved lugs with width increase to the end


  • Enhanced traction in mud and wet conditions
  • Resistance to lug tearing
  • Good lateral stability
  • Excellent self cleaning ability
  • Increased grip on all surfaces
  • Resistance to wear on harder surfaces
Firestone Rancher
Sizes Ply Load Index Speed Rating Overall Width (mm) Recommended Rim (Inch)
7.50-16  111  A6  203  5.5F 
7.50-18  106  A6  197  5.5F 
7.50-20  107  A6  202  5.5F