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Tyre Damage Guarantee

How long does the claim process take?

Once the tyre has been assessed and credit due to you calculated, you can immediately purchase a replacement tyre.

Tyre Damage Guarantee

Can an invoice be used in the case where no Tyre Damage Guarantee registration number is available?

If you registered your tyre, your unique TDG code can be retrieved with your ID or invoice number.

Tyre Damage Guarantee

Will Firestone honour a Tyre Damage Guarantee claim on a tyre that has been repaired during the guarantee period?

Yes. BSAF will honour the TDG claim if the tyre has previously been repaired during the guarantee period.

Tyre Damage Guarantee

When does the Guarantee cover take effect?

Your tyres will be covered by the Firestone SA TDG from the day of purchase as soon as they have been registered.

Tyre Damage Guarantee

If any part of the tyre tread is below 1mm, will a claim still be granted?

When any part of the tyre is below 1mm the tyre will be considered worn and no claim will be granted.